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Music From Around The World: Episode 10

Music From Around The World: Episode 10

written by Team MVP April 8, 2021

Music Around The World is a music segment featuring various artist and music. Some of these artists are from the United States, while others are from other countries across the globe. In this episode we will be featuring:  Fifi Rong, Cujo Moon, Melldu and Mazare.

Intro: 0:00 to 0:09

Fifi Rong:  Start – 0:09   and   End – 4 minutes and 45 seconds
Featured Song – Only Man
For more information about Fifi Rong visit: Fifirong.com
Follow Fifi Rong on Facebook at: Facebook.com/Fifirongmusic
Like Fifi Rong on Twitter at: Twitter.com/Fifirong
Duration: 4 minutes and 35 seconds

Cujo Moon:  Start – 4 minutes and 45 seconds  and  End – 9 minutes and 16 seconds
Featured Song – Sing Your Song
For more information about Cujo Moon visit: Cujomoon.com
Follow Cujo Moon on Facebook at: Facebook.com/Cujomoonmusic
Like Cujo Moon on Twitter at: Twitter.com/Cujomoon
Duration: 4 minutes and 30 seconds

Melldu:  Start – 9 minutes and 16 seconds  and  End – 13 minutes and 21 seconds
Featured Song – Gold
For more information about Melldu visit: Melldu.com
Follow Melldu on Facebook at: Facebook.com/Mellduuu
Like Melldu on Twitter at: Twitter.com/Melldumusic
Duration: 4 minutes and 05 seconds

Mazare:  Start – 13 minutes and 21 seconds   and   End – 19 minutes and 33 seconds
Featured Song – Wake Up Featuring Bloodhounds
Follow and Like Mazare on Instagram at: Instagram.com/Mazaremusic
Like Mazare on Twitter at: Twitter.com/Mazaremusic
Duration: 6 minutes and 11 seconds

Outro: 19 minutes and 33 seconds to 20 minutes and 06 seconds

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