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Retro Video Game Review: Sword of Vermilion (Genesis)

written by mason June 15, 2020

Sword Of Vermilion has many hats. It’s a classic game, an RPG, an action-adventure, and it’s also exclusive to the Sega Genesis console. It was eventually ported as part of the Sega Genesis Collection that was released for PS2 and PSP, that’s why it has an ESRB rating of E. So if you’re wondering why the comments are disabled that’s the reason why. Don’t let that rating stop you from checking this game out! It has a different type of gameplay from the standard Western RPGs and JRPGs of its time. I thought it was strange but it takes the best of each and then throws in a sprinkle of action-adventure. I really liked what came of it and if you’re into RPGs than this game is right up your alley.

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