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Front Mission: Gun Hazard (SNES translated)

written by mason June 1, 2020

Since I played Cybernator (Assault Suits Valken) a subscriber, Technozombie, was kind enough to mention Front Mission: Gun Hazard because of the similarities. For a while, I thought they might even be part of the same series! LOL Both are based in the future, during war-torn times, and you pilot bad ass mechas! But after playing enough you can tell that Front Mission: Gun Hazard is the superior game. It’s a shame that it was only released in Japan for Super Famicom. A group named Aeon Genesis was awesome enough to translate this game so English speakers can enjoy it too! I want to lean hard that Squaresoft is the reason this game is stellar because anything developed or published by them will always be top tier content. Plus, this publisher has a reputation to maintain especially with these killer games in their arsenal; Chrono Trigger, the Final Fantasy series, Secret of Mana, and I could go on forever! It’s a shame that the Front Mission series doesn’t get as much love.

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