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[Classic Video Game Review] – Bible Adventures (NES)

written by mason October 15, 2019

Bible Adventure is made by Wisdom Tree and it’s one of those games that you know right off the bat it’s going to be bad. The color and shape of the cartridge are warped and strange for an NES game but that’s because it’s an unlicensed game. I wanted to enjoy it and I did for a while with Noah’s Ark but it’s so repetitive any type of joy gets sucked out real fast. This game feels like a bad Super Mario Bros with religious undertones. You need to guide Noah to bring the animals on the Ark. You’ll save baby Moses and even battle the giant Goliath. This all sounds exciting and I kept an open mind because it is a Christian video game. It just ended up lackluster and a bit of a rip off of more popular platformers of its time. I could be wrong, what do you think?

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