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Music From Around The World: Episode 7

Music From Around The World: Episode 7

written by Team MVP March 18, 2021

Music Around The World is a music segment featuring various artists and music. Some of these artists are from the United States, while others are from other countries across the globe. In this episode, we will be featuring: Clarian, Giant Sky, Black Pistol Fire and Braynin.

Intro: 0:00 to 0:10

Clarian:  Start – 0:10    and    End – 5 minutes and 12 seconds
Featured Song – Strange Vibrations
For more songs by Clarian visit: Soundcloud.com/clariannorth
Follow Clarian on Facebook at: Facebook.com/ClarianNorth
Follow Clarian on Instagram at: Instagram.com/clarian.prod
Check out OpenSea.io and in search put in Clarian name for the NFT auction. The auction ends March 20 at 4 am GMT
Duration: 5 minutes and 01 seconds

Giant Sky:  Start – 5 minutes and 12 seconds   and   End – 10 minutes and 12 seconds
Featured Song – Snow
For more information about Giant Sky visit: Giantsky.co.uk
Follow Giant Sky on Facebook at: Facebook.com/giantskybandlondon
Like Giant Sky on Twitter at: Twitter.com/GiantSkyBand
Duration: 5 minutes

Black Pistol Fire:  Start –  10 minutes and 12 seconds  and  End – 13 minutes and 50 seconds
Featured Song – Look Alive
For more information about Black Pistol Fire visit: Experience.blackpistolfire.com
Follow Black Pistol Fire on Facebook at: Facebook.com/BlackPistolFire
Like Black Pistol Fire on Twitter at: Twitter.com/BlackPistolFire
Duration: 3 minutes and 37 seconds

Braynin:  Start – 13 minutes and 50 seconds  and   End – 24 minutes and 21 seconds
Featured Song – Too Late
For more information about Braynin Fire visitIambraynin.com

Follow Braynin on Facebook at: Facebook.com/brayninofficial
Follow Braynin on Instagram at: Instagram.com/Braynin
Duration: 10 minutes and 31 seconds

Outro: 24 minutes and 21 seconds to 24 minutes and 59 seconds

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