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Retro Video Game Review – Eternal Champions (Genesis)

written by mason February 15, 2020

I’ve been a sucker for video game cover art especially classic games like Demon’s Crest, Splatterhouse 3, Defenders of Oasis, Strider 2, and Eternal Champions which all were painted by Julie Bell! She’s incredibly talented and thanks to her are why I picked up a lot of the games I just named. Eternal Champions, in particular, isn’t my cup of tea since it’s a fighting game but who could resist the promise of spectacular action based on this cover art. The storyline of Eternal Champions is one of the best for its time but the clunky controls and area-specific special moves made this game very hard to play. It’s a shame because the finishing moves were much more brutal than Mortal Kombat. Too bad you just couldn’t get the right inputs. Check out my video for more about this review.

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